16 Benefits Of Black Coffee for Your Health

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Benefits Of Black Coffee

Benefits Of Black Coffee

Many people are afraid to drink coffee because they are afraid to cause coffee addict. That opinion is not entirely wrong. But I think the safest and healthy addiction is addicted to coffee. Moreover, according to various studies, black coffee has health benefits. But of course, What I mean is the black coffee without sugar or other ingredients. I just summarise the Benefits Of Black Coffee for Your Health.

16 Benefits Of Black Coffee for Your Health

1. Prevent depression

Natural psychoactive substances in caffeine can improve the mood of the drinkers. We know that most of the depression happens because the reality doesn’t match with expectation. Depression can affect anyone without knowing the age. For those of you who have a heavy workload, try to drink a cup of pure black coffee to stimulate the mood.

2. Overcoming stress

Stress is the next stage of depression. Stress can be hazardous if left unchecked. Try to consume a cup of black coffee during your free time or afternoon break before continuing your big job.

3. Prevent Alzheimer’s disease

Alzheimer’s disease begins to attack people over the age of 50 years. But it is possible also to attack younger people. Dr Abhishek Mohan conducted this study at Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia. These encouraging results show that coffee can reduce beta-amyloid (brain shattering protein) by up to 50%.

4. May Protect Againts Skin Cancer

The most dangerous type of cancer is advanced skin cancer. Skin cancer is caused by excessive exposure to ultraviolet light to the body causing cancer. For that, there is a suggestion that requires you to use a protective skin to avoid the sun. But did you know that black coffee was also able to prevent the onset of skin cancer on your body? Results based on preliminary research conducted in 2015 on daily coffee consumption may protect against skin cancer.


5. Preventing Diabetes

Diabetes is caused by a decrease in the ability of the hormone insulin to regulate blood sugar levels. Diabetes is a disease that has a high percentage to descend to the offspring. In addition to heredity, diabetes is very triggered because of unhealthy living. Like many consume sugar and lack of exercise. By drinking black coffee regularly can lower the risk of having diabetes.

6. Diet Drink

Dieting can be a fun thing for black coffee enthusiasts. According to research, coffee could give a little boost into your metabolism temporally. With increased metabolism, calorie burning will also be efficient. But this is not a quick way to lower your weight. You should consult your doctor about a healthy diet that is suitable.

7. Increase body metabolism

As I have explained above that coffee can increase temporary metabolism. Metabolism is also necessary to maintain body fitness. So coffee consumption during the morning can boost your spirits.

8. Antioxidants

Naturally, antioxidants are produced by the body. But in reality, the body is not fully able to produce as much as needed by the body. For that need additional foods that contain antioxidants such as vegetables and fruits. Luckily coffee is also rich in antioxidants. Noted that antioxidants served to ward off free radicals that can cause skin cancer.

9. Improve memory

At point 3 explanation, the coffee serves to prevent Alzheimer’s disease. Related to that coffee can also improve memory. There is a study conducted by Michael Yassa, an assistant professor of psychological and brain sciences at Johns Hopkins, and his team of scientists. The results of their research that after consuming coffee, there is an increase in memory at least 24 hours after drinking coffee.

10. Headache Remedy

In the previous post, I mentioned that a coffee addict would suffer a headache when stopping the habit of drinking coffee spontaneously. But in the right dosage, black coffee can be a bidder for your headaches. But one thing should be emphasised that consume enough coffee alone.

11. Prevent heart disease

Recent research suggests that coffee may be able to prevent heart disease and other cardiovascular diseases such as stroke. This is due to the high content of antioxidants in coffee.

12. Prevent Oral Cancer

The mouth is the beginning of insertion of food into the body. The combination of various objects that enter the mouth can cause cancer. There have been many studies that mention the possibility that coffee can also prevent mouth cancer. Again this is due to the antioxidant content in coffee

13. Protect Your Brain

The brain is the source of all the organs of the body to work properly. The brain gives orders through electrical signals to all parts of the body to move as we see fit. But it turns out there are many diseases that threaten our brain. Among the many diseases there are Stroke and Alzheimer which can all be prevented by drinking coffee.

14. Preventing Liver Disease

Liver disease is a dangerous disease because it can cause complications in other organs. There is a study conducted by Dr. Murad and team Studying the link between tea, coffee, and liver health. The results showed that there was a significant increase in preventing liver disease.

15. Preventing

Breast cancer Currently breast cancer including many who attack the women. Many are not aware that they have breast cancer. Antioxidants have the property to ward off free radicals and are believed to prevent cancer.

16. Cleaning the Stomach

Coffee is a diuretic drink that makes you want to urinate frequently. So, because that’s when drinking black coffee without sugar, all toxins and bacteria can come out easily in the form of urine. For some people, coffee can also be a natural laxative. So coffee is suitable to drink for those who are experiencing constipation.

My Suggestion

It should be emphasised again that the benefits are only for black coffee without sugar alone. Even so, keep drinking enough coffee. Do not consume too much of your daily coffee. The health expert recoment to drink three cups of black kopi at top.


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