7 Best Coffee In New Orleans You Must Try

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Drink a cup of coffee when you are in new place makes the lovely experience for me. You could taste local town coffee style that you may not get in another place. Here are the 7 Best Coffee In New Orleans that you must try.

7 Best Coffee In New Orleans

Cafe Du Monde

Café Du Monde is possibly the most well-known coffee shop in New Orleans. Known for the beignets (along with also the coffee), this restaurant is bustling each hour of every single day. Functioning a bit for a tourist attraction, it is probably not the ideal location to have a quiet, calm cup of coffee. But it is fantastic for people seeing and beignets.

Hand Pie & Coffee Bar

From espresso into the cold brew and savory to sweet hands pops, District (the next round) includes the lunch and breakfast pick-me-ups covered. The service is friendly and fast, which always begins a morning. It is pretty much a stop-and-go coffee store. However, there are a couple of outdoor seating choices.

Gracious Bakery & Cafe

Gracious Bakery is leading a bakery devoted to using locally sourced components to create the tastiest sweets and bread. They focus on bread, and this also includes their vast collection of sandwiches. But, Gracious Bakery’s cafe part is equally as excellent. The lunch and breakfast fare is delicious, and the coffee will get you.

The Orange Couch

The Orange Couch is a contemporary coffeehouse that serves fancy coffee beverages in a stylish setting. Together with the coffee and baked products, the Orange Couch delivers American and Japanese ice cream. Remaining true to their title, there are numerous comfy couches, such as an orange one.


Pretty much everything could be made better with ice cream appears to be the guiding principle of Drip Affogato. |} The store features locally created Creole Creamery ice cream and French Truck coffee to generate all kinds of hot-cold, sweet-bitter concoctions. It is possible to become only plain coffee or ice cream, but what is the fun in that?


The group of coffee life is discovered inside this Magazine St place, which has evolved from Rue de la Course to Ignatius Restaurant and today, Ignatius Espresso Bar & Cafe. It is a beautiful area for sipping a latte or even cortado, and because it has its alcohol license from its personal restaurant days, possibly an espresso-based cocktail. Additionally, it serves cakes, so it covers all of the bases.

Spitfire Coffee

Probably the best store in New Orleans for the espresso, Spitfire is the place to go. Their espresso, cortado, as well as their cold brew are yummy and made with tender love and attention. It is a miniature store with just a small number of chairs, but they have significant coffee. (Every seventh coffee is free).


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