About Us

Hello World.

I’m a fan of new coffee that started being an addict since six months ago. Honestly, I still a newbie in the world of coffee and even in the learning stage. In order not to forget, I write down everything that I find interesting in this blog.

I get a lot of coffee information from my colleagues who have been first deepening coffee world. Besides, I also often get information from my favorite coffee shop barista. They are very excited when telling me about coffee, and so am I so enthusiastic to listen. I also felt amazed because so much about coffee that I did not know.

Since I first knew coffee, I had tasted enough coffee from several regions. But the most frequent is coffee from Indonesia. Indonesia is a tropical country and has many places to grow delicious coffee.

For being so in the learning phase, I try to display the information as accurately as possible. And if there is a mistake or update the latest news, then I will soon update the information contained in this blog.