How Barista Make a Perfect Pour Over Coffee

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Perfect Pour Over Coffee

Perfect Pour Over Coffee

A few days ago, I went to my favorite coffee shop. At that time I ordered single arabica origin with pour over technique. While chatting, I noticed the manufacturing techniques and asked some questions about how he made the perfect pour over coffee.

How Barista Make a Perfect Pour Over Coffee

Coffee Grind Size

Use coffee to medium grind size. This measure is the most appropriate use in pour over brew techniques that will produce coffee with the right viscosity and extraction.

Water Temperature

The water used should be of good quality, odorless and no excessive mineral taste. The right temperature so that the ground coffee is not more than is 92 C or 198 F. You are also free to experiment with water temperature to produce different flavors of coffee. Even a friend of mine managed to get a taste of delicious coffee when he was using water with a temperature of 78 C or 172 F. Few tips on using a lower temperature when the coffee you feel a little bitter. By reducing the temperature, bitter taste will decrease and bring up other flavors that you do not get with higher temperatures.

Pre-heating The Equipment

Just Before brewing ground coffee with hot water, the important thing to do is to water the pour over with hot water first. This is meant to keep the temperature of the brewed coffee stable. The first thing to do is to wet the filter paper and let the water pour into the coffee cup/server we will use.

Consistency of Watering

This part that I think needs the practice to be perfect. After the coffee powder is inserted into the filter paper, flush with water slightly so that all the coffee powder is wet and leave for 40 seconds. Flush again the coffee powder using swan neck kettle. The water expended should be consistent throughout the process and performed in a circular motion. Do this until it reaches the coffee and water ratio of 1:15. Lift the filter after the whole process reaches 3 minutes.

Taking Sample

Coffee is ready to serve. Baristas take a small sample of finished coffee. The sample is fed into the tool to measure the extracted coffee content. Statistics The collected data is used to produce the perfect coffee the next time.


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