Best Manual Coffee Grinder (Hand Grinder)

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Manual Coffee Grinder

Manual Coffee Grinder

No one can enjoy the pleasure of a cup of coffee made from fresh beans. One way to keep coffee beans fresh is to grind it just before brewing the Coffee. Currently, there are a lot of coffee grinder in the market. From manual to full auto. For those who rarely travel, the automatic grinder is a good choice. But what if you are a person who likes to go into the wild world, it would be difficult to find a source of energy for Automatic Coffee Grinder. For that, we will try to discuss some kind of Coffee Grinder Manual for you to choose.

Best Manual Coffee Grinder

Porlex Mini

It is one of the best coffee grinders in its class. This mini porlex is made in Japan which has excellent build quality. The material is made of metal that is strong enough to survive with a pretty hard work. I include a user manual grinder that is quite active. At least 3 times a day I grind coffee with a capacity of 15 grams.

This tool can accommodate up to 20 grams of coffee bean for each use. Ceramic conical burrs with wide range can grind from powder to french press. To make french fress coffee takes about 30 grams. As for making fine coarse coffee for espresso takes a few minutes and with extra energy.


Rhinowares Compact Hand Grinder

It has a simple shape and is designed in such a way as to make the manual grinder this one feasible to have. Especially if you are a fan of Aeropress and often use this manual manual tool. Rhinowares Compact is made to facilitate Aeropress users as it comes with an adapter so it can grind directly to Aeropress. The entire package of Rhinowares grinder is equipped with the protective carry bag that can protect the grinder if it is taken to travel. The milling results of rhinowares are also quite good when compared with rival class.

3E Home Manual Canister Ceramic Burr Coffee Mill Grinder

The 3E Home manual coffee grinder is ready whether your preferred coffee making methods such as Pour Over, French-press, espresso or Turkey.

You can even use this grinder to grind some spice if you like. It’s meant for coffee, but if you want to use it as a spice grinder, you’ll find it useful too.

This grinder has a burr Stainless Steel that is easily adjustable by turning the knob at the top to set the size of your favorite milling.

The profession is the structured body with stainless steel at the top to enhance the look, which adds spotlight to your kitchen and helps avoid static formation that you will find in some plastic-bodied grinders. Door opener/cover to prevent the nuts out. Sleek and lightweight, so a great coffee grinder journey to pack up with your adventure.

Hario Grinder MCM

The Japanese are known for their many coffee lovers. Already many famous coffee makers are from Japan. Although there is no coffee plant. One of the well-known brands of coffee makers is Hario.

Hario does not seem to be playing games manual grinder for coffee lovers. Proven with the creation of this manual grinder. Made of ceramic material for burr grinder, the coffee machine is certain this tough to produce coffee grinder. In addition to the advantages is a wood design that gives its own unique aesthetic nan. Having this grinder is similar to having a work of art that is not only functional in everyday activities but also beautiful in the grip.


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