Bulletproof Coffee Recipe

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In this some years, the bulletproof coffee trend is increasing. This coffee variant has a pleasant taste and has many benefits. Besides making this coffee is also not difficult. The Bulletproof coffee recipe is also simple, and you can merely make it in your house with simple tools in your kitchen.

What is bulletproof coffee?

Bulletproof coffee is actually a brand name created by Dave Asprey. He got the idea from his experience during a visit to Tibet. The monks there used to mix each drink with yak milk (Yak is a kind of cow living in Tibet). From there, the idea of ​​making coffee and mix it with grass-fed butter.

The origin of the word bulletproof coffee is inspired by the movie bulletproof monk who happened to tell about monks in Tibet.

Bulletproof Coffee Recipe

Bulletproof Coffee Recipe

Benefits of Bulletproof Coffee (BPC)

BPC has a high-calorie content that can produce enough energy. It also has a very delicious taste that makes me fall in love when trying it for the first time. It is not apart from one of the ingredients of Brain Octane Oil that is believed to add energy to the drinker. Not to mention the added Grass-fed butter that has many calories. Drinking BPC in the morning is enough to make you feel full until lunch.

In addition to having many nutrients, it turns out BPC also has a delicious flavor. You could compare the taste is more like Latte. Latte also has a mixture of milk which is the basic ingredient of making butter. It tastes similar, but BPC has a better taste. It feels creamy and oily that can instantly pump energy and spirit into your body.

Bulletproof Coffee Recipe

Basic material

Fresh Coffee. As from my experience, the best coffee is from pour over technique.
Brain Octane Oil. If you have trouble getting it, you can use Virgin Coconut Oil as an alternative.
Grass-Fed Butter. We recommend using this type of butter because it is healthier and contains many healthy nutrients.

How to make

Preheat your blender to keep temperature stable when you pour the coffee into blender
1 Butter Spoon
1 tablespoon Brain Octane Oil
Mix all the ingredients in the blender and turn it on. Leave until the color of the coffee is brownish
Delicious Bullet Proof Coffee is ready to serve


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