Which has More Caffeine Coffee or Tea

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which has more caffeine coffee or tea

which has more caffeine coffee or tea

Almost everyone loves one of the drinks delivered tea or coffee. In fact, I’ve met someone who likes both. I was witnessing that he ordered and drank simultaneously at the same time. As we know, that caffeine is not an exclusive substance that is owned only by coffee despite having a similar name. Apparently, We could found caffeine in a cup of tea and other beverages such as chocolate, cola, and other drinks. By knowing it made me ask which has more caffeine coffee or tea.

Which Has More Caffeine Coffee or Tea

Caffeine in coffee

Coffe is popular drink contains high caffeine. In fact, coffee does contain more caffeine than tea or chocolate. No wonder, many people use coffee to dispel drowsiness. However, the content of caffeine in coffee is not always the same. Each type of coffee contains different levels of caffeine. It depends on how the coffee beans are roasted, then stored, to what method is used in brewing coffee, how long coffee brewed and how much water and coffee powder compare. All the process until the coffee served to the consumer turned out to greatly affect the content of caffeine in it.

The content of caffeine in a cup of coffee (8 ounces / 237 ml) is brewed in the range of 95-200 mg. This content is certainly different in instant coffee. A cup of instant coffee (8 ounces / 237 ml) contains less caffeine, which is 27-173 mg. Different again with decaffeinated coffee. Although the name is “caffeine-free,” it still contains caffeine (although very little), which is about 2-12 mg.

Caffeine in tea

Tea becomes a favorite drink in various circles, ranging from young to old. It is usually booked to accompany each of your meals. Served in either cold or warm form, it is also available in a variety of forms, from powdered tea to instant tea. How much is the caffeine content?

Tea has a caffeine content (although less than coffee). The content of caffeine in tea also varies depending on the type. A cup of green tea (24-45 mg) contains less caffeine than black tea (14-70 mg). In addition to providing less caffeine, green tea can also help you in weight loss. A beneficial drink, is not it? To reduce the amount of caffeine in tea, try to brew tea in no time. For you tea enthusiasts in packs, the tea also contains caffeine of 5-40 mg per 237 ml.


Based on research, it turns out there is a surprising fact that Tea leaves have more caffeine than coffee beans. But with the condition that the material has not been processed into a drink or in other words raw material. When it becomes a drink, coffee will have more caffeine. This is because in processing the extraction of caffeine on tea leaves more than when it happened to the processed coffee beans.


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