Can You Use A Paper Towel As A Coffee Filter, is it safe?

Can You Use A Paper Towel As A Coffee Filter

Coffee and paper

Once on a late night, I wanted to make my favorite pour over coffee. But at that instant, I remembered that I had spent my stock on filter paper. It was too late, and my favorite coffee shop already closed. Suddenly I saw a paper tower and flashed an idea to use it instead of a paper filter. But it comes to my mind, Can You Use A Paper Towel As A Coffee Filter and whether it is safe for health

Can You Use A Paper Towel As A Coffee Filter, is it safe?

To answer that question, I tried to find various sources. I found an interesting discussion about Is it safe to use paper towel as a filter when brewing?. 

If we think in general, Paper towel is using for another purpose compared to coffee paper filters that designed specifically for coffee filters. Besides, the paper filter has also escaped the test chain, so it is safe to use. So it should be avoided using the paper towel as a substitute. But if you are anxious to try, there is an interesting video tutorial on how to use it.




Another Way to make Pour Over When you run out of Paper Filter

There are other healthy ways to anticipate when such a time as this happens. One of them is by brewing coffee with cupping technique or some other methods. But it is not a solution if you are so desperate to make fresh coffee without sedimens. You could use V60 with metal filter as smart solution

V60 Metal Filter

As the name implies. This one filter is undoubtedly made of metal. The most popular brand to produce metal filters is the Able Kone although Kinto and Hario also launch their metal filter products. This metal filter is made of Metal and some are made of gold. As for its size, there are various. Metal filter size is usually adjusted with the coffee dripper. It is suitable for pour over V60, Chemex and even Aeropress. Despite the variety of materials and sizes, all-metal filters have microscopic holes of approximately the same size.

“Body,” “bold” and “strong” are three things that you will get us you use a metal filter. Microscopic holes in metal filters cannot absorb the oil that coffee brings so oil and bitter more easily pass into your cup. If you like the feeling of being a bit strong, body and ‘full’ then metal filter is created for you. The brewed results of metal filters are usually darker, cloudy and give the typical sediment at the bottom of the cup.

Although it produces a very different coffee profile, this alternative seems to be more secure for the long term. You can also taste coffee with varied flavors. And most importantly, with this tool, you no longer need to be afraid to run out of filter paper at night


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