How To Clean Coffee Pot With Vinegar, Kill Bactery and Germs

Coffee Pot

Coffee Pot

Enjoying a cup of coffee from the coffee maker to start the day is the most awaited routine for me. One simple question, Do you clean your coffee machine in the right way. The coffee maker has a moist environment, and we know that it is a favorite place for germs and bacteria to live. And it turns out there is a simple way with existing materials at home to deep clean that coffee pot, namely Vinegar. Here I will try to share how to clean coffee pot with vinegar

How To Clean Coffee Pot With Vinegar

A dangerous bacteria eradication agent may be very close to us, and they are in your kitchen. That miracle liquid is the vinegar. The researchers say, vinegar is probably a cheap, non-toxic, but effective solution in killing drug-resistant mycobacteria, including bacteria that cause tuberculosis (TB).

The content that kills the bacteria is called acetic acid. The concentrated acetic acid (called glacial acetic acid) is a colorless hygroscopic fluid, and has the freezing point of 16.7 ° C. Vinegar contains 3-9% by volume of acetic acid, making acetic acid the main component of vinegar other than water.

Things You Need

Dish soap
Wet cloth

Make a cleaning fluid.

Add vinegar to 1/3 part of your cleansing container.

Add water equal to vinegar. Adjust the amount of volume of this cleaning fluid to the size of your coffee machine.

Insert the cleaning fluid into the coffee pot

Turn on your machine to do the cleaning process. During the process, turn your machine on and off regularly. If your machine has an automatic cleaning feature, just eat it quietly and let the machine work alone

Turn off the engine if it has released about 4 cups that liquid. Let it stand for one hour.

After an hour, turn on the engine again. Let the machine remove the remaining cleaning fluid until it runs out. At this stage, the liquid that comes out of the machine is brownish. This indicates the success of our cleaning fluids in performing their duties.

Rinsing Step

Wash coffee pot with soap and water.

Rinse clean coffee pot clean and fill with clean water

Turn on the engine, and let the process run until the water runs out

If the water has come out all but you could still smell the vinegar, fill the coffee pot with warm water and repeat the rinsing step.

Leave until your machine is dry. Reassemble the parts of the machine and you are ready to brew your fresh coffee


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