Does Coffee And Blood Pressure has a Connection

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Coffee and Blood Pressure

Coffee and Blood Pressure

This question arises when I just bought an electric blood pressure measuring device. The guidebook said that you should avoid checking blood after drinking coffee. Is it true that coffee can trigger a rise in blood pressure and dangerous for the heart? For me searching for various reliable information to find connection between Coffee and blood pressure

Coffee And Blood Pressure Connection

Many researchers have tried to say that coffee is not harmful to health. Precisely coffee contains antioxidants that work against free radicals. In Japan, people make coffee as the primary drink source of antioxidants.

Two relevant studies published in 2007 further support this evidence by showing that:

  • Caffeine causes tiny and brief changes in blood pressure
  • Caffeine does not contribute to blood vessel disorders associated with high blood pressure and heart disease.

Coffee is a stimulant that means substances that increase activity in the central nervous system, which is why you feel more conscious, focused, and alert. This increase in activity causes narrowing of blood vessels and may cause an increase in blood pressure. It may be what causes people to think that coffee can create high blood pressure.

But this rise in blood pressure lasts only briefly, and the effect is also minimal. There is even research that shows that people with high blood drink coffee

How long does it to take blood pressure become normal after drinking coffee?

As explained above that coffee gives minimal effect on the rise in blood pressure. But to get accurate blood pressure measurement results should be done 1 hour after you finish drinking coffee. The meaning of completion is calculated from after you end the last drop of your coffee. Because some coffee lovers take a long time to spend a cup of coffee

Coffee and hyperthyroid

Hyperthyroidism is a condition in which the thyroid gland is too active producing thyroid hormone. As a result, thyroid hormone levels in the blood are very high. Our body only need small amounts of this hormone. The thyroid gland is a butterfly-shaped organ located just below Adam’s apple. This organ produces thyroid hormone. Thyroid hormone itself is crucial in the process of food metabolism into energy, also to control body growth. Other benefits of thyroid hormone that is not less important are to regulate body temperature, affect heart rate, and control the production of protein.

Coffee has a stimulant that can increase heart rate. For people with hyperthyroid should avoid consuming drinks containing caffeine including coffee. Especially when the new therapy, because feared will further aggravate the condition of high heart rate and make your heart muscle tired.


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