What Is Cold Brew Coffee and How to Make It

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What Is Cold Brew Coffee

What Is Cold Brew Coffee

At first I thought that the process of making cold brew is like brewing a regular coffee and cooling it in refrigrator. But it was all wrong. Here I will try to discuss what is cold brew coffee and how to make it.

What is Cold Brew Coffee

Cold brew is made by using the method of “immersion” for at least 8 hours. To brew (brewing), which is used generally is ordinary water with room temperature or with cold water. This is also what distinguishes cold brew with coffee usually, cold brew coffee is never exposed to (temperature) heat so as not to extract the acidity character of coffee. In addition, the results of cold brew was likely to be felt lighter and special.

For masksimal results, this cold brew technique uses a special tool. The tool consists of a tube and there is a filter, a coffee spot, and a setting of how much water flows through the filter to reach the final shelter. That the basic What Is Cold Brew Coffee meaning

Is Cold Brew Coffee Less Acidic

The answer is yes, because during the process of making coffee with cold brew technique never touched with hot water. This results in the acidty character of the coffee not being extracted.

The less acid content of course make the stomach stay comfortable even though often consume coffee. As quoted from Science.Mic, many coffee enthusiasts who experienced stomach pain shifted his coffee selection into cold-brew coffee.

Is Cold Brew is Healthier?

This question is one of the most frequently debated.

Gina Keatley, a certified dietitian and nutrition specialist based in New York, confirmed that. According to him, cold brew coffee has less acid content, when compared with hot coffee. This is because the coffee beans, or rather the acid, oil, and aromatic molecules contained in the coffee beans, are more easily extracted at hot temperatures ranging from 90.5 degrees Celsius. With this presentation technique, the acid content in coffee will become less.

However, less acid content does not mean cold brew coffee is better for health. Hot coffee also has a beneficial content such as antioxidants, which is good for the health of the body. According to Keatley, cold brew coffee brewing alone will reduce the extraction of chlorogenic acid, which is actually an active antioxidant. In conclusion, cold brew coffee has fewer antioxidants.

A cup of hot coffee and cold brew coffee does have the same caffeine content. But if Comrade Source wants to consume more antioxidants, Comrade Resources can choose to drink hot coffee. Then if the Source Friends want to sip the coffee that the acid content is lower and friendly for the stomach, Comrade Source can choose cold brew coffee as an alternative.

Cold Brew Has More Caffeine?

This is also still a debate from various circles.

But if we look at the manufacturing techniques, it looks like cold brew has more caffeine content. This is because the ordinary coffee ratio between coffee and water is 1:15. While cold brew using a ratio of 1: 3. In plain view will show that the cold brew has a higher content of caffeine.

Wait a minute … It turns out that caffeine has a soluble nature in hot water. Because the composition of caffeine in coffee is very diverse, it will be difficult to determine exactly. But if we dispose of these variables, it turns out that cold brew has less caffeine.



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