Cold Brew Coffee Ratio and How to Make

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Cold Brew Coffee Ratio

Cold Brew Coffee Ratio

Cold Brew is one of the interesting brewing coffee techniques. Cold Brew Coffee Ratio is absolute to be known for our maximum coffee brewing and not waste the process of making. Because to produce this drink takes a long time or we just call it overnight.

Before I know the correct coffee brewing technique, I often consume instant coffee. One of them is cold coffee that has been packed in a can. When I heard the term cold brew coffee, my mind went straight to the canned beverage that was sold in the vending machine window. My shadow immediately dissipated when getting information about this cold brew drink.

During the manufacturing process, cold brew only uses cold water as a solvent. Hot coffee takes just 3 minutes to get the perfect coffee extraction. Cold brew takes “a little” time to process the extraction of 8-12 hours.

The Best Cold Brew Coffee Ratio

There are many theories about the ratio between coffee and water in this technique. Some use 1 part coffee and five parts water. There is also a 1: 8 there is even more. However, according to renowned English chef Jamie Oliver, the ratio of 1: 8 is the most fitting for consistency taste.

But this is not necessarily good for all people. For that, you need to some experiment to get the best coffee from this technique.

In addition to the water ratio, many factors affect the taste quality such as:

Coffee Type. Your favorite coffee will be delicious if brewed with cold brew technique. Although when brewed using hot water the taste is wonderful
Grind Size. For best results use medium grind size.
Water quality. Undoubtedly, water is a significant component that affects flavors other than the coffee beans themselves. Use water of the highest quality in cold brew techniques. The recommended water temperature is below 20 ° C (68 ° F)
Quality of Cold Brew Tool
The simplest way to make a cold brew is to mix coffee and water according to the ratio into a container, then enter the refrigerator for 8-12 hours. But this time there are many tools available cold brew maker. With this cold brew tool, we can produce a consistent coffee taste for every manufacturer.


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