Cold Brew vs Iced Coffee, Who is The Winner

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Cold Brew vs Iced Coffee

Cold Brew vs Iced Coffee

Enjoying a cup of cold coffee during summer and high temperatures is a great pleasure. Delicious cold coffee can relieve thirst while providing aroma and caffeine that will enhance your mood to restart work. However, what kind of coffee is the most delicious among some coffee techniques. This time I will try to compare 2 types of coffee brewing is quite famous that is Cold Brew vs Iced Coffee

Cold Brew vs. Iced Coffee, Who is The Winner

Before we begin to assess which is the most delicious between Cold Brew vs Iced Coffee, let us peel one by one first understanding of the two types of coffee brew technique.

Cold Brew

Cold brew is made by using the method of “immersion” for at least 8 hours. To brew (brewing), which is used generally is ordinary water with room temperature or with cold water. This is also what distinguishes cold brew with coffee usually, cold brew coffee is never exposed to (temperature) heat so as not to extract the acidity character of coffee. The result is a coffee with a delicious and thick aroma compared to coffee with pour over with dripper technique.

Iced Coffee

The simplest language, yes, is ice coffee. Making iced coffee is quite easy, almost the same-even the same-by brewing the manual style brew as usual. After being brewed with hot water, the coffee will be cooled by adding more ice cubes to it. Or, can also use the Japanese style iced coffee, which brewing directly to the server that has been added ice cubes in it.

Because brewed like a typical brew manual, this method also uses hot water-but with a temperature that is not too extreme. The feeling is generally a bit more bitter and more full-bodied than the cold brew. But the more you apply to let the coffee, then it will be lighter because the ice is melting. To anticipate this, you can use an ice cube made from frozen steamed coffee.

From the above information, we can conclude that both coffees are very delicious consumed when the weather is hot. Both methods have their respective advantages and disadvantages. Cold brew is perfect for those of you who still want the original taste. While iced coffee is perfect for those of you who want coffee with different variations


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