What Is The Difference Between Coffee And Espresso Beans

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Difference Between Coffee And Espresso

Difference Between Coffee And Espresso

We need to straighten the understanding of the Difference Between Coffee And Espresso Beans is nonexistent. Why I say so, because it is not the origin of the seed that makes the difference, but the different roasting process. Here is an explanation of how to processing espresso beans.

The Difference Between Coffee And Espresso Beans

Before knowing the difference between the two types of beans, let us clarify again what is espresso. Espresso is a beverage produced by extracting ground coffee beans by spraying hot water under high pressure. Espresso comes from Italian which means express or “fast” because it is made to be served immediately to the customer. Unlike the usual brewing techniques, espresso uses Aeropress or high-pressure making techniques in the manufacturing process.

The result is a perfectly extracted and full coffee. Therefore espresso is usually served in a portion of single or double shot only.

Because we are talking about the difference between coffee and espresso beans only, so I will peel thoroughly is the espresso beans detail only. Because Coffee beans are ubiquitous and have many different types of derivatives that I will discuss at another opportunity.

Roasting Profile

We can split coffee roasting methods into four kinds.

  1. LIght Roast
  2. Medium Roast
  3. Medium to Dark Roast
  4. Dark Roast

Roasting profile untuk espresso adalah medium to dark roast.

This roasting process will produce a dark brown coffee bean and oil starts to appear because the roasting temperature ranges from 225 to 230 C.

The medium to dark roast process is characterized by a second burst (second crack).

This process is sometimes often equated with Dark Roast. The original flavor begins to disappear, and caffeine also declines.

This roasting result is suitable for espresso coffee, either brewed with mocca pot or espresso machine.

Key Differences

There are some significant differences between regular Coffee and espresso, here are the main differences between the two.

  1. Crema. The foam produced by the high-pressure process of the espresso machine is indeed a characteristic that can not be separated. It is a visible thing to distinguish between espresso and other coffee.
  2. As described above, espresso coffee produces a consistent flavor and a strong coffee body
  3. Because of its maximum extraction, this coffee will provide the original taste of the coffee in each shot taken

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