How To Make Coffee In A French Press and taste great

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How to make coffee in a french press

French Press Coffee

There are many method in brewing coffee to pruduce such a tastefull coffee. One of the easiest ways to make coffee is with the French press technique. This tool can be obtained at a low price, allowing many people can have it. Although at an affordable price, we can get the results of the steeping coffee from the origin of using the right way. How To Make Coffee In A French Press is very easy to do. But you will need more experiment to get the best coffe.

What is French Press

As the name implies, you must have guessed that this tool comes from France. People started using this device since more than 100 years ago.

The main components of the French press consist of:

Glass Beaker. A place to store water and coffee
Filter. The filter is made of metal and serves to filter the coffee grounds. This filter is made so fitting with the glass beaker.
Plunger. The tools that work to push filters. The position of the filter so fits with the glass beaker to make water can only come out through filter and filtering coffee grounds.

How To Make Coffee In A French Press

Best Way To Make French Press Coffee is to use fresh coffee instead of instant coffee. Here are some requirements to produce delicious french press coffee.

  • Use water with excellent quality. Besides Coffee, the thing that affects the taste of coffee is water. Because the water content is the most (above 90%) of the coffee that we drink.
  • Note the cleanliness of your glass or coffee equipment. Make sure there is no smell of detergent attached, and your equipment is completely dry before use. Because there is a slight smell of soap that sticks then you will destroy the taste and aroma of your delicious coffee.
  • Fresh coffee. The main ingredient that determines whether or not our coffee tastes good. To get the best quality, use fresh coffee beans and grind it just before brewing. Use medium grind size for maximum results. To obtain optimal grind size may need some experiments first. If you full the plunger and feels heavi, it means that you grind your coffee too soft.
    After all the preparations are done, it is time to make coffee in a french press.

Step by step

  1. Boil water to a temperature of 92 degrees Celsius (197 F). Alternatively, if you do not have a thermometer, wait a minute or two after boiling water.
  2. Add medium grind beans to the glass beaker. The comparison used is 1/15 or 10 grams of coffee for 150 grams of water.
    Pour water into the glass beaker and stir gently. Wait until four minutes.
  3. After 4 minutes, press the plunger so that the coffee grounds are filtered.
  4. Coffee is ready to be enjoyed.

To maintain the taste quality, we recommend removing all filtered coffee into another container. Because the long-lasting contact with the coffee beans will change the coffee taste.Unlike the V60 technique, french press coffee will produce a full body flavor, less bitter, and a little oily. In the use of paper filters, the oil and fine particles are filtered to create a lighter flavor than this french press technique.


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