How To Make Coffee Without A Coffee Maker

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how to make coffee without a coffee maker

how to make coffee without a coffee maker

Currently, the trend of coffee has entered the 3rd generation. Which merely means coffee lovers can assess the quality of coffee from seeds, process, until the result. In First Generation, people only just drink coffee regardless of quality. How about if we face a situation where there is no coffee equipment, such as when being camping or visiting the family place. Here is how to make coffee without a coffee maker.

Important Things to Deliver a Delicious Coffee

Before continuing to the technique how to make coffee without a coffee maker, we should know the important thing that is very influential on the taste of coffee that we will make. The important thing is

  • Use freshly roasted coffee. The best coffee time is seven days to 14 days after the coffee is roasted.
  • Use Fres Ground Coffee. We Should avoid buying instant ground coffee. New ground coffee will make a big difference to the quality and taste of the coffee produced. I usually using manual grinder for 10 USD and very worthed to buy
  • Water quality. The most significant component of our delicious cup of coffee is water. Water quality, of course, will make our coffee more perfect.
  • The temperature accuracy. A right temperature for brewing coffee is 195 -205 degrees (around 92 degrees in Celsius). Water that is too hot will reduce the rich taste of coffee. Water temperatures that are too cold will result in under-extracted coffee. How to measure the temperature if you do not have a thermometer is to let the water boil and let stand for 1 minute. That way you will get enough temperature.

how to make coffee without a coffee maker

There are some simple, favorite ways to make coffee anywhere

Cowboy Coffee

It is the best choice for the manual way of making coffee when being camping. This technique has long been known to get the nickname cowboy coffee. All you need is a container for cooking water, fire, and mugs to store your delicious coffee

Prepare a pot, coffee powder, and water. Comparison of coffee and water is two tablespoons of coffee and 6 ounces of water

Add water to the pan and heat

When the water is boiling, put the coffee powder into the pan

Immediately remove the pot and cover the pan. Leave for 5 minutes until the coffee powder has settled down

Coffee is ready to serve

Cupping method

This methodology is the standard that experts use to taste the original taste of coffee.

How to make:

The comparison of coffee and water I use is 10 grams of coffee for 150 grams of water or 1:15.

heat the water

Put the coffee in the mug

Insert hot water into the mug, stir briefly

Leave for 5 minutes and coffee ready to serve

All that is excessive is not good. So also with coffee. You should not drink more than 3 cups of coffee per day. Expand also drink water to avoid dehydration. Because coffee is a diuretic that causes us to frequent urination.


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