How Many Calories Are In Coffee and its variant

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How Many Calories Are In Coffee

How Many Calories Are In Coffee

Coffee is one of the best for the diet drink. But with one condition, drink black coffee without sugar. Even black coffee can prevent chronic diseases like heart attacks and diabetes. For those of you who are on the diet program and still hesitate to consume coffee, let us count together how many calories are in coffee.

How Many Calories Are In Coffee

Black Coffee

It turned out that in 1 cup of coffee 8 oz (240gr) there are only two calories. So for those of you who are on a diet program, do not worry to consume a cup of black coffee in the morning. Even with 80-100 mg of caffeine contained in a cup of coffee can withstand appetite. So in addition to safe, coffee can be an alternative for those of you who are doing a diet.


Cappuccino is coffee added with milk as its main composition. With the addition of milk, may not be the right choice for you who are dieting. But with the addition of milk then you will get a lot of protein intake as an additional energy in the morning.

Calories in cappuccino and variant

Cappucino 1 mug (8oz) = 74
Non Fat Cappucino = 45
Decaffeinated Cappuccino = 75

Latte Coffee

Lattee coffee is a coffee drink consisting of espresso, milk, and microfoam composition. For comparison is to use double shot espresso, a cup of milk, and microfoam as thick as 1 cm. We could reconize latte from its milky taste since the first gulp.

Calories in latte and its variant

Latte Coffee = 135
Non Fat Latte Coffee = 114
Vanilla latte (starbuck) = 250


it is a beverage produced by extracting ground coffee beans by spraying hot water under high pressure. Espresso comes from Italian which means express or “fast” because it is made to be served immediately to the customer.

Calories in espresso and its variant

Black Espresso = 1
Espresso with sugar = 30

Decaffeinated Coffee

Decaf coffee is an almost zero caffeeine coffee with some processing before. However, no technique can eliminate caffeine levels to 0%.

Calories in decaf coffee and its variant

Decaffeinated Coffee = 0

Decaf Espresso = 0
Decaf with milk = 6


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