Metal vs Paper Filter. Who will made the best coffee

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Metal Filter vs Paper Filter

Metal Filter vs Paper Filter

I am a massive lover of pour over coffee. So far I use the paper filter in the process of making it. But one night a disaster happened. I ran out of paper filters, and my favorite store already closed. At that evening I have to brew coffee using a cupping technique and a little cheat by adding sugar to reduce the bitterness. Since the incident, I started interested in using the metal filter that does not need refil when using it. And we will try to kwow who will be the winner betwen metal vs paper filter.

Difference Metal vs Paper Filter

Metal Filter

As the name implies, it made of metal with microscopic holes to filter coffee pulp. The shape is also the same as the pour over tools that uses the paper filter or known as V60. Using this tool is a bit more inconvenient to clean it up. Make sure no remaining ground coffee thet is still attached.

Paper Filter

Filters made from paper are more popular than metal filters among pour over technique lovers. This filter has a paper base material and can only be used for single use. It is what makes metal filters more economical for the long term. Metal Filter Pour Over is more expensive than a paper-based filter. But for a long time, metal filters are much more economical. Every day I routinely brew three pour over coffee, that means within a month I need 90 paper filters to be discarded. In just a few months metal filters have made me ROI when compared to the use of paper filters.

Brewing Result

Metal Filter

If you want to switch using metal filters, then you should be ready also with upgraded flavors like I do. Body, bold and strong is three words that represent the taste produced through a metal filter. It is because microscopic holes are not able to filter oil and bitter on coffee. For real espresso lovers this is a kind thing, but for me, the new migration is shocked in the taste adjustment. For starters, you can experiment with adding milk and chocolate. I am quite surprised by the results of this experiment; it seems to be more fitting. Unlike when I mix milk and chocolate when using the paper filter.

Paper Filter

It is my first love in entering the coffee world. The resulting flavors are “bright” and “clean” because of the extraordinary paper capabilities that can filter oil. It’s also not as bitter when using a metal filter. The bitterness cannot be denied entirely, because it is bitter that makes coffee into coffee. If you have not been able to move or have trouble in providing paper filters, this is the best option.


  • No one becomes champion between Metal Filter vs Paper Filter techniques, because each has a different character of taste. Everyone has different tastes in enjoying coffee.
  • Metal Filters are more eco-friendly compared to disposable paper filters. But again, everyone’s taste assessment is different. Paper Filter can produce a taste that can not happen if using a metal filter.
  • Paper filters are easier to clean, and metal filters require less effort.
  • Metal Filter is more economical, Paper Filter is more practical.

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