The Most Expensive Coffee In The World

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Most Expensive Coffee

Most Expensive Coffee

The first coffee discovery was in Ethiopia in the 11th century. Coffee began to spread throughout the world and produced many variants. The topology where Coffee lives determine the taste of the coffee. Besides taste, quality and difficulty level of this production determine the selling price of the coffee. Here are the latest of  The Most Expensive Coffee In The World.

The Most Expensive Coffee In The World

Los Planes (Citala, El Salvador) $ 40 per pound

This coffee grows in Citala, El Salvador in a mountainous area with a height of 1600 meters above sea level. These coffee beans have a unique taste; the fruit taste is quite dominating. Also, there is also a sense of nuts, raisins, plums, and melons

Blue Mountain (Wallenford Estate, Jamaica) $ 50 per pound

After a walk to El Salvador, we stop off at Bule Mountain, Jamaica. This coffee has a bitter but light taste. This flavor is suitable for you enthusiasts of “pure” coffee that has begun to feel less with the current coffee simulation. This coffee is being favorite coffee today, especially for coffee enthusiasts who are in Japan. This coffee is entirely worth buying even with a relatively high price. But you will not be sorry after getting a taste of delicious coffee from Jamaica

Fazenda Santa Ines (Minas Gerais, Brazil) $ 51 per pound

The price of this one coffee is not too different from the blue mountain coffee above. But the characteristics of this coffee is very different. If you do not like the coffee is too bitter, then the coffee from Minas Gerais is mandatory you try. This coffee has a slightly sweet taste with a seductive caramel taste.

Hacienda La Esmeralda (Boquete, Panama) $ USD 100 per pound

This Panama coffee has a special cultivation technique. Coffee plants are planted around old guava trees. The result is a unique coffee taste and is liked by many people around the world

Coffee Luwak (Kopi Luwak) is $ USD 300 per pound.

This Kopi Luwak comes from Indonesia. Luwak means civet in English. This coffee is so named because it is produced from coffee cherry that is eaten by the civet and removed through its feces. The digestion does not destroy the coffee beans eaten by the civet. So that the beans are still intact.

What makes this coffee expensive is its unique taste. Also, the civet can use its natural instinct to determine the best coffee cherry to eat.

Geisha, Hacienda La Esmeralda – 350 USD per pound

This coffee is produced on the slopes of New Mountain in Panama. This coffee through the storage process for about 40-60 days. After that time the coffee is ripe and ready for further processing and then sent.

This coffee became famous, and the price soared for winning many awards in coffee quality competitions, including the Roster’s Choice in SCAA in 2007.

La Cima, Finca El Injerto – 500USD per pound

La Cima Coffee from Finca El Injerto is grown in Huehuetenango region, the western part of Guatemala which has a height of 1,650 masl. Half of this coffee farming area is a forest that has been thousands of years old so not only serves to “protect” the coffee trees are planted alone but also influential in creating the microclimate needed to produce extraordinary character in coffee. What makes it unique, coffee from Finca EL Injerto is an entirely varietal Bourbon with its unique character varies.

Black Ivory – 50USD / cup

The civet coffee is not alone. It has a coffee cherry-eating buddy from Thailand. Just like coffee mongoose, Black Ivory coffee is also coffee produced from the rest of elephant digestion. But because the elephant’s digestive system is too strong, many coffee beans do not survive to get out. Of 32 kgs of coffee, only 2 oz left is left. This coffee is Arabica coffee picked from a height of 1,524 above sea level


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