How Much Caffeine In Decaf Coffee

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How Much Caffeine In Decaf Coffee

How Much Caffeine In Decaf Coffee

Caffeine is a natural substance contained in coffee. Caffeine can have excellent benefits for the health of the body. For some reason, some people cannot consume caffeine. For this reason, Decaf Coffee exists. Is it eliminates all caffeine or not? If it is not, How Much Caffeine in Decaf Coffe.

How Much Caffeine In Decaf Coffee

Despite having the name Decaf Coffee, but in reality, the coffee is not caffeine-free. In a cup of regular black coffee contains 85 mg of caffeine. After going through the decaf process, the coffee still leaves caffeine in the amount of 3-18mgs per cup. For those of you who are experiencing circumstances that require reducing caffeine and you can not move on from coffee, decaf coffee can be a solution.

How to Make Decaf Coffee

Chemical Solution Process

If you see the name, we can conclude that the process of making using chemicals. The chemical used is ethyl acetate. These compounds are the most natural compounds for food, so they include safe chemicals for food processing. The mixture serves as an intermediate to eliminate the caffeine content in coffee. First, the coffee beans are steamed and then washed them with ethyl acetate solvent. After cleaning, the beans are steamed again to remove the chemical solution. After the steaming process is complete, we dried the coffee so that it is ready for roasting

The process of carbon dioxide

The processing use carbon dioxide in decaf coffee making. This process begins by soaking the green beans into a covered steel skillet filled with water. Then carbon dioxide works pumping with considerable pressure. This CO2 dissolves the caffeine present in the coffee without affecting the flavor and characteristics present in the coffee. This process is the latest technique in making decaf coffee.

Water Process (Switzerland)

It is the process of making decaf coffee when first discovered. The making process is by lowering the green coffee beans in hot water. After being soaked then the remaining water from the bath is filtered through an activated charcoal filter to remove caffeine alone. The remaining water of the first green filter soaked is then used again to soak the other green seeds because this water is considered to have a coffee seed extract that gives the characteristics of the coffee beans to be soaked. Soaking is done continuously until the coffee that wants to be decaf finished using the same water. There is one major drawback of this technique. You must sacrifice the character of the taste of coffee after going through the process.


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