Pee Smells Like Coffee after drinking it

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Pee smells like coffee

a cup of coffee

Enjoying a cup of coffee that you have made with lovingly processed in the morning is indeed an incredible gift. But usually, that ritual is also followed by the routine in the toilet. Sometimes you will be surprised by Pee smells like coffee. Do not worry if other symptoms do not follow it.

Why Pee Smells Like Coffee After drinking it

The kidneys are a pair of shaped organs that are about the size of a fist and located behind the abdomen.

Kidney tasks are:

  • filter the blood,
  • dump metabolic waste in the form of urine,
  • controlling the body’s fluid balance
  • regulate the body’s salt or electrolyte balance

Under normal circumstances, the urine is not smelly, but several factors affect the color and aroma of urine such as:

the amount of fluid you drink – the condition of less fluid intake will cause a more stinging urine scent
certain foods or beverages – such as coffee after coffee, asparagus, and others
drugs and vitamins – because of some medicines/vitamins; the metabolism results are excreted in the urine. I also often experience this when consuming supplements that contain lots of vitamin c.

How to prevent it

We could conclude that the primary cause is not drinking enough water. This case often happens, I am a person who quite often experiences it. Sometimes I am so lazy to drink water after drinking coffee because it is too happy to enjoy the aftertaste of the coffee.

Therefore, we recommend you to drink more water after drinking coffee to speed up the excretion of these metabolites. This condition is a common thing experienced by everyone who drank coffee. Alternative for those of you who still want to enjoy aftertaste coffee for an extended period, just drank more water before you enjoy the coffee you make. You could get dehydration if not drinking enough water when consuming much caffeine in a day
But immediately consult a doctor if there are other complaints, such as:

  • feel pain during urination
  • micturition is not complete
  • pain in the lower abdomen or lower back pain
  • urine color is changing, for example: become red like water meat wash, or turbid



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