What Is A Red Eye Coffee and How to Make It

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Red Eye Coffee

Red Eye Coffee

At first, I confuse when hearing that my friend want to make a red eye coffee in rest time after lunch. So I ask him about What is a red eye coffee. After hearing his explanation and little research in my smartphone, I got the answer that It is one of the variants of American coffee. Basically, red eye coffee is a combination of coffee made with drip technique and then added espresso on it. The result is the new taste of coffee that has never existed before. Maybe this can also be a solution for those of you who are confused to determine the menu when hang-out at the coffee shop.

How to make red eye coffee

As I mentioned above, the primary ingredients are drip coffee and espresso. No need expensive equipment to make this red eye. You just have enough material for simple drip coffee and portable espresso makers like cafflano brand and friends.

The first step is to make coffee drip first. Once done, it’s time to create espresso with your favorite tool. Place a glass containing coffee drip right below your espresso maker. A cup of delicious red-eye coffee ready to be sipped.

The Ratio of Drip Coffee vs. Espresso is:

120 mls coffee drip
30 mls espresso (one-shot)
Red Eye Coffee Variant

Red-eye coffee has other names such as deep charge or hammerhead and various names in each region. If you see the name, this coffee is intended to make you fresh because of the power of espresso. But as we know, that not everyone is strong enough to enjoy straight espresso. Alternatively, make a lighter espresso version with this red-eye technique.

For those of you who feel red eye is too light and not strong enough to make your eyes literate, do not worry. Red-eye has many brothers that ready to make your eyes opened all night.

Red Eye Variant

Nothing different from how to make it. We only add another shot of espresso into it. But with the increasing number of espresso ratios, it also makes its name change.

Black Eye. Coffee Drip with 2 espresso shots
Dead Eye. Coffee Drip with 3 espresso shots
Ojo de Dios. Coffee Drip with 4 espresso shots
Spencer Wolf. Coffee Drip with 5 shots espresso
It turns out there are many variants of coffee that we can make to get a new flavor variant. For now, I am most powerful with just a double espresso. That too with a medium profile coffee, be it roast or body profile.


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