The Sign That You Already Become the coffee Addict

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Coffee addict

Coffee addict

In these six months, I keep drinking three cups of coffee every day. In the morning before the first activity, after lunch, after dinner, and random time in the evening without a miss. I do not know how bad my coffee addiction has run. At night, I can still resist not to drink. But in the morning, the desire is unstoppable. Here are the Signs that you have become a coffee addict that I get based on true story of my friends and from many kinds of literature that I read.

The following thing is what happens if a coffee addict doesn’t drink coffee for one day.

What happaned when Coffee Addict not drinking coffee for whole day

1. Sleepy all Day

Sleepy all day has no doubt will happen. We all know the content of caffeine can indeed reduce the drowsiness for the lovers. It occurred to my friend while we were still in college. He said he would sleep all day if he didn’t drink coffee in the morning. Otherwise, he would wake all night if he drank coffee before.

2. Limp

Limp has nothing to do with not drinking coffee. Calories acquired from several cups of coffee are insignificant compared to those received from other foods. But that’s what happens to me and my friends who regularly drink coffee. It feels like something is missing, but we do not know what it is. It may just be psychological, and it needs scientific research to prove it.

3. Headache / Migraine

A headache, dizzy, migraine are words that we always tell when my coffee addict friend has not been drinking coffee today. Unlike limp, the dismissal of drinking coffee may result in a “caffeine rebound”. A headache occurs due to the habit of receiving an intake of caffeine continuously, then stopped suddenly. But, it only happens to 2% of the population.

Focusing Problem

Loss of focus and decreased concentration is one of the most prominent effects that occur in coffee addicts if they do not drink all day. These coffee addicts say caffeine helps him to do things faster because of the increased concentration levels. Without coffee, doing something is hard to resolve without drinking coffee before.

Bad Mood

The ritual of drinking coffee every morning that stops suddenly can make a bad mood. That’s what happened to me and some friends who used to drink coffee every day. Many studies have revealed that caffeine has benefits to improve attitude and spirit for coffee addict.


From some experiences that have been felt by the coffee addict, you should begin to stop drinking coffee slowly. Begin reducing your coffee consumption gradually. If usually in one day can be three glasses, then try to cut to two cups, then 1 cup a day.

My dad is a successful example of a successful coffee addict. After stopping everyday coffee routine, his weight increases. Previously he was very thin (underweight) and become ideal after sometimes.

One more thing to clarify, coffee is not an entirely bad habit. Coffee has a lot of benefits too if you drink it with the right way. For example, drinking coffee without sugar is good for preventing diabetes. Besides drinking unsweetened coffee also makes us recognize the authentic taste of coffee that is rich with various flavors.


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