Simple Explanations about Coffee Brewing Methods

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Coffee Brewing Methods

Coffee Brewing Methods

Coffee brewing techniques already exist since centuries ago. Currently there are many coffee Brewing Methods that Barista use to make delicious coffee. I myself have recently started active drinking coffee in this last 2 years. From this article, I try to share my experience about Coffee Brewing Methods.

4 Best Coffee Brewing Methods

Actually, there are still many method in brewing coffee. I choose this 4 coffee brewing methods because i like the process and the result. Beside, they are all cheap methods.

1. Cupping brewing

This is the simplest technique  of brewing coffee. But dont be wrong, this technique is used by Barista to knowing the real true identity of coffee taste and quality. True to its name, this technique only requires equipment namely cups to make coffee (extra spoons are also important).

Cupping Brew Ratio

1 gram coffee : 15 gram water

That is my favorite ratio for brewing using this method.

How to  brew with cupping method

  1. Insert 15 grams into cups of fresh coffee
  2. Add hot water (92 celsius) as much as 225 grams into cups shall include
  3. Stir Clockwise carefully
  4. Let it stand for 5 minutes
  5. Coffee is ready to be enjoyed


By using this method you will get a taste of real coffee. This is because the coffee you’re drinking really come into contact with contaminated water, without other objects.


Don’t forget that the review was based on the personal experience of an amateur like me. Using this technique will produce a thick coffee, so a higher caffeine content make it taste more bitter.


2. French Press Coffee

The second method also includes the most easy and quick to make coffee. The workings of this tool is to push the piston down the length of the piston, a sieve that makes coffee cider could escape. While coffee ground will be stuck under the piston. For that reason it takes a little rough ground coffee.

How To Make French Press Coffee

  1. Use the coffee with the grind size medium
  2. Ratio 1:15. That I normally use is 15 grams of coffee plus a water 225 grams
  3. Enter into the french press coffee
  4. Add water with a temperature of 90 degrees celsius
  5. Stir slightly so that the coffee mixture evenly and let stand approximately 4-5 minutes
  6. Slowly press the plunger until it is down with the stable. If it feels heavy means your coffee is too fine, and if it is too light then the coffee is too coarse. Could do an experiment a few times until you get a sense of the ideal


Coffee with this method a sense of menghasil “honest because it is not terdistraksi with many other objects such as the dripper techniques using paper filters.


Must be extra careful in putting pressure on the plunger. When pressing too hard can cause coffee spurts out and result in failure in the brewing coffee favor you in the morning. But with a little practice and failures, you will get used and can enjoy the pleasures of coffee with a French Press Method


3. Pour Over Method (drip with V60)

This is the method I most love to do for now. For those of you who start drinking coffee without sugar I suggest immediately try this method. This technique is not difficult, it just requires patience and the right measure to get a perfect cup of coffee
How To Make Drip Coffee
  1. Grind Size used is a medium size
  2. The ratio of 1:15
  3. Put the V60 above Cup
  4. Place the filter paper in accordance with form V60
  5. Insert the coffee that has weighed into the V60
  6. Pour about 30 grams of water evenly to the coffee. Leave for 40 minutes
  7. Pour the remaining water is slowly poured the water movement clockwise and try always stable
  8. Normally the process will last for 3 minutes until the water in the V60 finished dripping
  9. Delicious coffee ready to drink


The resulting coffee is clean and without fibres. You could your drinks coffee until the last drop. We can control the desired flavor with this technique. In addition, this method is much cheaper compared to using a coffee maker.


I have yet to find a meaningful constraints for using this method. It’s just that you should always menyiapan paper filter.

4. Aeropress Espresso Method

For those of you who are already infatuated with incomplete copies if not try espresso coffee. The resulting coffee with this coffee is thick metodi who exactly constitutes the essence of the coffee beans. This is because in the process of making pressed with a very high pressure so that the cider coffee out and blend with the water.
  1. Masukkkan paper filter into the filter holder, moisten with hot water to remove the smell of paper filter.
  2. Fasten to the Aeropress heated in advance.
  3. 17 grams of ground coffee (using coffee that time Jeff Kenya) with a rough level, or a little more rough than paper filters.
  4. Heat the 270 ml of water in a temperature of 80 ° c.
  5. Splash (sprinkle) a little water over the filter and immediately pour the coffee fresh freshly onto it so that the bottom of the filter.
  6. Dampen the coffee completely with the method of dripping ala pour-over up to 40 grams.
  7. Let the blooming for 30 seconds.
  8. Pour the rest of the water slowly and evenly moisten more coffee.
  9. Let drip dripping or Aeropress for about 1 minute.
  10. Pour about 2/4 the rest of the water, then press slowly.
  11. Stop before the Aeropress coffee really is left exhausted (or when it’s remaining 50 ml).


Drowsiness you will disappear instantly. Flavored coffee so thick is suitable for the weight of the coffee connoisseur


Should provide extra funds to buy a coffee maker


That’s all the four Coffee Brewing Methods that we can learn this time. We will try more variant in brewing coffee in another articles


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