How to Store Coffee Beans to Keep it Fresh

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how to store coffee beans

how to store coffee beans

A cup of delicious coffee that we drink every day has been had a long journey before. Many factors affect the result of the coffee we brew. One is how to store good coffee. Based on personal experience, I often feel the quality of coffee is getting less and less it feels. Though the coffee is the coffee that I buy only a few days from roasting date. Apparently, the cause is the method of storage of coffee beans are less useful. Here is how to store coffee beans to keep it fresh

How to Store Coffee Beans to Keep it Fresh

1. Use a good quality air-tight container

To keep the freshness of the roasted coffee beans uses an airtight container. Spending more money to get a good container quality is an excellent investment. Vessels with poor quality will drastically lower your coffee taste quality after store for several days. You can use an airtight jar or a unique coffee bag equipped with a one-way valve.

2. Select a good storage room

Store your coffee at room temperature. Do not be too cold or hot. Having coffee in the refrigerator is a horrible idea. The quality of the flavor of coffee will drop dramatically and coupled with the exposure of the aroma of other foods that are in the refrigerator. Also, avoid places exposed to sunlight. It will also damage the quality of the coffee.

3. Buy enough coffee

Coffee beans produce the best quality is 1-3 weeks after the roasting. So for those of you who used to store coffee for a month should be reconsidered. Make your coffee shopping two times a week. But the hassles you receive will be proportional to the results obtained

Choose coffee with good quality

Can not be denied that the quality of coffee has the most crucial role that determines the taste. But as good as any coffee, the longer stored the quality will go down. For that, we need to pay attention to the roasting date of the coffee before purchasing it. You should avoid buying coffee that has the roasting date above one month.


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