Tasting Single Origin Arabica Kerinci Coffee with V60

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Kerinci Coffee (Ilustration)

Enjoying a cup of Arabica coffee in the afternoon when the sprinkling rain over the city is delicious. Coupled with the sights of the haughty skyscrapers trying to challenge the darkness of the clouds that afternoon. This time I enjoy a glass of Arabica Kerinci Coffee with V60 from the 16th floor of one of the buildings located in Indonesia.

What is Kerinci Coffee

Kerinci is the name of a volcanic mountain located in Jambi Province, Indonesia. For the type of Arabica coffee, just starting 2014 is getting famous. Especially since becoming a champion in the national coffee contest.

Mount Kerinci is a volcano with an altitude of 3,805 meters from sea level which is also the highest volcano in Southeast Asia. The location of this active volcano is in the border area of West Sumatra province and Jambi Province. This mountain has various nicknames such as Mount Gadang, Korinci, Berinci Kurinci, and Puncak Indrapura. Kerinci mountain is one of the Strato Vulcano Type is administratively located in the area of Kerinci Seblat National Park. This volcano last erupted in 2009.


Tasting Profile Single Origin Kerinci Coffee Arabica

I just started enjoying new unsweetened coffee since last 6 months. Apparently, I am still a beginner to be a competent coffee appraiser. Honestly, the taste of fruit dominates the coffee flavor, a little sour, a feeling of chocolate and a little herbal taste. Even my brother surprice with the taste of this coffee. He usually drink sugared coffee, be he said that there was a bit of sweetness from the coffee.



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